#F29 Shut Down the Corporations (by PortlandActionLab)

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Occupy Portland - Latino Occupants Call on their Community to Join D17 Actions (by OccupyPDX)

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US Marine and Iraqi Special Forces Veteran meet at Occupy Portland (by OccupyPDX)

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Some photos of Mayor Sam Adam’s Portland Police Department’s disrespect for the 1st amendment rights of Portland’s citizens and who they truly protect and serve…

It has become brutally obvious that the Portland Police Department, Mayor and Portland City Council are putting the interests of “others”(PBA? Feds? Banks?) above the citizens of Portland who are exercising their right as American citizens to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Photos of girl being pepper sprayed by Randy Rasmussen(Oregonian), the others by Ray Whitehouse(Oregonian). I don’t know who took the photo of riot police protecting Chase bank, but it is a very telling photo. Much thanks to all of these photographers for their excellent work.

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Why Wells Fargo Fired Me - A whistleblower’s story about predatory lending (by OccupyPDX)

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Occupy Portland - Enough is Enough (by OccupyPDX) Click here to help us buy ad space - http://bit.ly/varSXC

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Why Did Portland Police Use Paramilitary Tactics on Occupy Portland Then Shift Gears After #n17? (by OccupyPDX)

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